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Every woman’s experience of pregnancy, giving birth or caring for their child is unique. No two journeys are ever the same.   But, what connects every woman, at every stage of their journey is the need for support.

Welcome to The Nesting Place

Here, you will find a safe, comfortable place to explore all things pregnancy,birth and parenting related.  Benefit from a wealth of professional advice, practical workshops and the space to talk about your experience and how you feel (honestly!), no matter what stage you are at in your baby journey.

The Nesting Place, supporting you every step of the way




Preparing for birth isn’t just a practical matter.  It’s also an emotional one and can sometimes make you feel anxious. When the big day comes you want to feel informed and confident, to understand what might happen and to have a plan.  You’ll find everything you need to do that at The Nest.

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Birth Trauma

Sometimes birth isn’t a straightforward experience. If you had a traumatic birth and are struggling to stop replaying it in your mind, to overcome anxiety or to talk about your experience, come to us. You’ll find the support you need to make sense of it all and move on with your life.

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Early Parenting

There is no manual for how to do ‘parenting’! You have to learn as you go and that can be a daunting prospect.  The Nest is your home-from-home in those early days.  It’s the place to go for practical help and to make friends with other new parents who understand how you’re feeling.

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