About Me

I am Steph!

If my bestie was telling you about me, she would say that I am passionate and loyal to the end (in fact if you cut me in half the word ‘LOYAL’ runs through me like a stick of rock), and that my drive to support women at hugely pivotal times in their lives is beyond measure!

One of my big "why’s" for doing what I do, is because I know, deep down to the core of my being, that women deserve better. Better support, Better understanding, Better compassion, and truly believe that this is one of my reasons for being here! I also believe as a mother to three boys, that it is my duty to teach them how to be present and how to love unconditionally too.

Holding space for a woman, and being privileged to be present and witness to transformation in whatever capacity is required, makes my heart sing. I feel blessed every day that I get to be a small piece in someone’s life as they release what they need, to move forwards and step into their true self!

I hear you when you say, ‘it’s too big’ ‘I can’t go there, it is too painful’ ‘I am scared to open up the box for fear of what may be in there!’ I know this is a scary concept and a decision to make change for the better is not an easy one, I have walked this path myself (read more of my personal journey here) I have taken these leaps of faith and have made huge changes to my life through my most recent adult years, changes that were not easy, and at times I felt like running away from. There were days when I felt it was easier to just stay how I was, that opening Pandora’s box was too painful, I have cried buckets full of tears, but O.M.G it has been worth it, the transformation has been off the scale. Every area of my life has seen and felt the effect and it has enriched it beyond belief. SO I GET IT! I honestly do.

I can now hand on heart say that I AM GOOD ENOUGH! A good enough wife, a good enough mother, a good enough sister, a good enough daughter, a good enough friend…….. the jibber jabber of the clutter in my head has finally gone quiet!
My promise to you is to provide a space of non-judgement and unconditional support, metaphorically hold your hand (and physically if needed), as you release any negative emotions from experiences of the past that are holding you back, share tools and mindset techniques to help you make decisions as you go forwards to a place of calm, peace and clarity. I am offering you the opportunity now to de-clutter your head, and find your way back to the person you was before life experiences got in the way.

My specialist areas include;

Fertility - Supporting you on your path to Conception

Birth Trauma - Supporting you to release Birth Trauma that is holding you back

Transformation Coach for Mums - 'More Than Mum'