Baby and Child First Aid

Empowering Parents to Deal with Medical Emergencies.

Safe Hands First Aid understands that the thought of your child being seriously ill or involved in an accident is something we would all rather not consider. However, it is a sad truth that accidental injury is one of the biggest causes of mortality in the UK for children over the age of one. Basic First Aid really can mean the difference of survival, it can have a huge impact on the extent of someones recovery, the amount of pain they are in & also how long they may need to remain in hospital.

Seconds really do count, every parent & grandparent should be equipped with the knowledge and skills that could save a child’s life.  

Our 2 & a half hour ‘Baby & Child First Aid’ session covers:

  • Managing an Emergency
  • Baby & Child CPR
  • Baby & Child Choking
  • Baby & Child recovery position
  • Burns
  • Heavy Bleeds
  • Head injuries
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Poisoning
  • Fevers & Febrile Seizures 
  • Other common childhood ailments 

You will have the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ practical experience on our professional baby & child manikins & you’ll be encouraged to ask questions so that you leave the session feeling like you have go the absolute most out of it.

Babies are welcome to our sessions.

For all booking enquiries:

Jennifer Gill

Tel. 07761 037545



Please mention "The Nesting Place" when making an enquiry.