Breathe & Believe

Hi I am Victoria, and I set up Breathe & Believe in 2018 inspired to help children’s mental well-being, working in association with Relax Kids as a trained Relax Kids coach.

I offer inspiring ‘Relax Kids’ classes for children taking them on fantastic magical adventures through a 7 step program leading them to relaxation.

Having suffered anxiety myself as a child, I have always looked for different relaxation methods which have massively helped me learn how to manage and control this anxiety. So when I came across Relax Kids, I knew that I had to get involved!

And I am delighted that I am a now a certified Relax Kids coach and have also attended courses on mindfulness, anxiety in children, and mental health. I am dedicated to this field and will continue to grow my knowledge with the view to branch out.

Relax Kids is the UKs leading expert in children’s mindfulness and relaxation. Started in 2001, Relax Kids is one of the pioneering companies in this field. We produce relaxation books and CDs that help children relax. Relax Kids is used in over 500,000 schools and homes in the UK with trained coaches in 37 countries.

As well as my ‘magical adventure classes’ for age 5-11 year olds, I can also offer toddler classes, parent & teacher relaxation classes, relax 1:1, family sessions, and chill & chat classes. Please contact me for more information.
I am pleased to be offering magical adventure classes at the amazing venue the nesting place!


Age 5-11

Relax Kids classes are fun and creative helping children become more resilient and improving their emotions. By giving children a toolbox of relaxation and mindful exercises from a young age, they will grow up with good mental health.
Your child will learn skills that they can use for life:

How to relax and improve their sleep ~ How to self soothe ~ How to increase their brain power ~ How to develop their self confidence and improve their sense of self ~ How to regulate their moods or emotions ~ How to manage stress and anxiety ~ How to be more focused and concentrate ~ How to feel more positive, mindful and happy

Relax Kids classes include the following activities:

🌈MOVE – Warm up exercise for physical fun and fitness
🌈PLAY – Social games for increased sense of well-being and confidence
🌈STRETCH – Stretching for balance, inner strength and calm
🌈FEEL – Peer/Self massage for self awareness, empathy and respect
🌈BREATHE – Breathing exercises for focus, concentration and emotional management
🌈BELIEVE – Affirmations for self esteem, confidence and positivity
🌈RELAX – Visualisations for deep relaxation, imagination and a sense peace

Relax Kids classes last approx 60 mins and are different from any others as they use a unique combination of mindful games, storytelling with exercises, stretching, breathing, massage, as well as, positive affirmations, visualisations, mindfulness and relaxations. The program allows children to have fun but also learn vital skills that will help them for years to come. Classes are a perfect addition to other more physical activities.

The first session starts Wednesday 27th February, at 4.45pm and this 6 week term is just Β£45 (payment in advance)

The first 6 week course is β€œConfidence Boot camp” based around the 7 steps above.

Week 1 – Being unique

Week 2 – Being accepting

Week 3 – Being part of a team

Week 4 – Being Positive

Week 5 – Bravery

Week 6 – Being Determined

For more information, and to book your space, email