Are you feeling a bit blocked up!!!!!????

How many of you are experiencing blockages? 

They could be in the form of mental blocks;

Are you unable to move past the SAME thought pattern day in day out, week in week out , you may even have had the same waking thoughts now for MONTHS!

Are you so tired of these thought patterns, tired of hearing the same ‘negative Nancy’ voice drone on in your head.
You KNOW that she is not helping, you KNOW that these thoughts are holding back, but they have become so familiar to you now that can’t even remember what you even thought about before!

Do you lie awake at night going over and over in your head, what you could do tomorrow to make things better! What can I try eating or NOT eating, to make my body work? Maybe I will join that yoga class my friend went too as she fell pregnant straight after joining?

Does the thought start out like a tiny acorn, just a small thought and then it takes root…multiplying at such a speed, that before you know it, you have a damn tree in your head!

Are you ‘doing’ things you are not enjoying, because someone else swears by it, but secretly resenting the fact you have to do it, suppressing negative feelings and putting up walls of resistance (blockages)

And then there are, actual PHYSICAL blockages; how your body responds to this!
Are you aware that all your thoughts have internalised and grown so many branches, that you are now experiencing physical ‘symptoms’ because of it!

It could be that you have permanent tension in your shoulders (are they up around your ears all day!) as you are metaphorically carrying the weight of the world on them…shouldering the sadness of your situation whilst carrying on to others around you as if all is OK!

Do you suffer from headaches ALL.THE.TIME.

Maybe your periods have disappeared or they are completely messed up and out of sync – creating a ‘blockage’ in your womb/uterus/ovaries space

Does any of the above feel familiar to you at all?

Do you want to;

Find a way to release and/or uncover any blockages (as many are unaware of them!) that are preventing you from being in the BEST FERTILE STATE you can be and smash through them!

Release the stress and anxiety from your core, (WE know there is a direct link from the head space to the core) giving your womb space some room to breathe again and re-sync itself (think; Ctrl-alt-delete)

Lift the weight from your shoulders and release yourself from your mind


Sleep better and wake feeling rested,recharged and ready to start your day?


If you READY to feel calm in your MIND and your BODY, email me here a BIG.FAT.YES…… can even text me! (07930993466)

I am ready to support you, as you re-connect, re-engage, and redesign the life you want to be present in, NOW ♥
Book a FREE Fertility Head-space call with me now.

You have everything to gain and all your blockages to lose!

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