Head-Space for Mums Group

Head-Space for Mum's is a FREE, fortnightly, drop in session for expectant and on the job Mum's with babes in arms, here at TNP.

It has been created specifically for Mum's looking for some support in those last months of pregnancy and first few months of parenting, whether it is your first baby or a new edition to your family.

Maybe you are not local to the area and would like to meet other local Mum's, or you have no friends with small children.

Or it could be that you just want to get out the house, have a chat with a grown up, and a hot drink!

Each week the sessions will be hosted by local, experienced peer supporting women, who not only get what it is like to be in this special but extremely exhausting phase of your life, but they are also professionals within the world of Pregnancy, Birth and the early years.

Fore more information on dates and times, check out our Facebook event, by clicking on the link below

Please do come along, everyone is welcome.