Help I am stuck in my head and can’t get out!!!

One morning I woke up and I felt lost! I felt lost in a world that I used to love and enjoy! I felt I no longer knew the person I was before this became my new reality, it was like all that I had invested in and believed in, no longer existed!

I pulled myself out of bed, my shoulders hurt, my lower back hurt, I was walking differently…..I felt so disengaged with myself and my body.

I looked in the mirror and noticed every spot, every blemish, my hair looked lifeless and my skin so dull, I didn’t like the person that was looking back at me, she felt so alien to me right now.

I forced myself to shower and get dressed, because despite the urge to crawl back under my duvet and hide, I had commitments to meet that day.

I powered on through my day regardless, smiled when appropriate, engaged when required, but internally I was screwed! No one around me had noticed (phew), because I had got really good at keeping this all to myself, I had got pretty good at putting a brave face on, being British and keeping my chin up!

The voice in my head, that internal jibber jabber was getting more dominant and louder, it was overriding everything and in the end, I had no choice but to give in to it, and allow the fear to creep in, I was at its mercy and I started to believe it!

And then I decided enough was enough! I made the conscious choice that I was NOT going to follow this path….I was not going to allow these negative thoughts to control me!

I threw myself into my mindset work, I listened to audio books, I got a massage to sort those aching shoulders and lower back, I took long baths, I went to bed earlier, I ate good foods (and chocolate obvs!) and I spent time in places that energised me………I took back control! I made the choice to quieten my negative Nancy and allow in thoughts of happiness and joy! I visualised myself in the place I wanted to be rather than the place I didn’t want to be!

When life dishes us a difficult deck of cards we have two choices and earlier this week I took the wrong one, I chose to allow the dark side to creep in and bring me down. I allowed the feelings to immerse me completely and my whole body was impacted because of it. SO I GET IT!

BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! It does NOT have to be this way

Today I woke up lighter and I loved what was looking back at me when I stood in front of the mirror. I am walking taller and feeling so deeply connected with myself.

My body feels stronger as does my mind, with each area of my life benefitting!

My question to you is this;

What do you have to lose by releasing what it is that is holding you back, and enjoy life again, come what may?

A recent client said;

 “Through the sessions with Steph I really feel like I have been able to let go and release a lot of my negative thoughts and experiences and have started on a journey of self-discovery which has really helped me and brought more balance to my life”

Book a FREE head-space session with me here, where you can verbally vomit all that is holding you back in a safe space, one in which you truly feel heard.

You have everything to gain and all that is holding you back, to lose!



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