I am SO much more than my (in)Fertility!

I used to love being sociable…..I used to love going out for dinner, drinks and maybe bust a few moves around the dance floor.

I used to love making plans for future holidays, places we would visit, beaches we would lie on for hours whilst sipping cocktails.

I used to love eating chocolate and drinking wine, after a long day at work, or just because I could!

I used to love my job! My days excited me, interactions with colleagues, lunches out, leaving do’s, celebrations drinks.

I used to love coming home to my partner, putting on my PJs, cooking dinner, catching up on what our days involved. Maybe having a bath, reading my book or just watching easy, car crash TV.

I used to love time with family and friends, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, or just a gathering that involved food and a good natter!

I used to love being in my head

I used to love spontaneous SEX with the man I love

I used to love being me – my laugh, my zest for life, my face, my body

I used to love my life

I used to love trying for a baby!

My months, weeks, days even hours are so very different!

Will it happen this month, what can I do different, maybe I should stop drinking, eating sugar, exercise more, sleep more, think less, relax more….yadder yadder yadder yadder……..MY WHOLE LIFE IS NOW REVOLVING AROUND trying to have a baby!

Trying to conceive and all that entails, has found a way into every area, every nook and cranny, of my life! My every waking (and sleeping) thought is consumed by my (in)fertility

I am SO much more than my Fertility! SO MUCH MORE!

I know that, and so many people around me know that, so WHY oh WHY is it all I can think about?

How did this happen and what am I going to do to get back to the woman I was before?

I am Steph, and I consider myself a Fertility Pathway tour guide, gently walking beside women as they open their head space map and begin the unique paced walk forwards in their lives. The pathway can sometimes be full of twists and turns, and unexpected bumps in the road, but by bringing forwards with them all the valuable lessons of the past and letting go of what is no longer required, these hurdles can be overcome, making the future journey more enjoyable come what may!

SO, my questions to you would be these;

How invested are you in finding a way back?

Are you prepared to go there and uncover previous loss or hurt, to release and let go finally?

Do you place your mental wellbeing as an absolute priority, above ALL ELSE!?

I am ready to support you as your tour guide as you find you way back, BUT you absolutely have to be prepared to do the work, and be READY to grow! READY to create the headspace to recapture the woman you once was as well as finding new and exciting parts of you that have been locked away for a long time.

If you feel ready……….you can get in touch with me here…….I look forward to hearing from you.

Steph x

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