IVF- It’s Very Fucking hard…….

IVF is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the hardest roller coasters a woman and her partner will ever get on!

The ups and downs (more downs!), the fear of feeling hopeful and optimistic in case these feelings are dashed and ripped away, taking yet another piece away from a life stripped of many parts of the jigsaw already!

Embarking on a life changing journey with so much fear and anticipation, experiencing ALL the emotions on the spectrum, partnerships forever changed, without the promise of the desired outcome.

I V F – It’s Very Fucking hard! 

I know this is now the next step, it has been a long time getting here.

Vulnerable and afraid, this is an unexpected turn of events, one not anticipated all those months ago

Facing the next part together, on our pathway to conception; assisted fertility


I look forwards as we begin our journey, what other way is there?

Varying degrees of optimism, some days easier than others

Full of hope and willing that this will work


I feel nervous

Very realistic, not wanting to get my hopes up

Fractious inside and out, that this may not be successful


I am struggling, this is such a hard process to go through

Very challenging on every level, no one to talk to, no one understands

Frustrated, as this does not guarantee a life at the end, we may have to do it more than once!


I feel alone! I want to scream and cry.

Very isolated and on the edge! This has got to work, I am not sure I can do this again!

Frightened at what the future may hold for us.


I am so anxious! Now we wait

Very long days and very long nights

Fading hope that there will be a positive at the end of these two weeks, resisting the urge to test!

Are you aware that applying Hypnosis whilst undergoing IVF can increase your chances of success by 50%!!!! 50%!!!!

That is a HUGE stat I am certain you’ll agree!

Hypnosis, is usually poo poo’d , thought of as a bit woo……but it is actually backed up by science and by legitimate studies! YES!

IVF is a huge financial investment and for many there are limited funds meaning limited opportunities to access this service, So why not give yourself and your body the best chance you possibly can.

Reconnect your Mind and Body and OPTIMISE your fertile state

Want to learn more? Why not book a free consultation HERE NOW to find out more!

With odds like that, you have NOTHING to lose and SO much to gain!











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