I am……More Than Fertility!

The world of infertility can be a confusing, frightening and sometimes isolating, with many feel they have totally forgotten the person they were in the pas. Their fertility is all they can think about!

It has redefined them in a way that seems irreversible! But there is a way back, and I can support you to find that path.

Many couples also find that their relationship looks very different to the one they had before this journey began, and simply can't find a way back! 

I feel so passionate about supporting women to find their way back and (re)discovering the woman they were (and still are) before conception took over and consumed every avenue of their lives! 

By providing this support, it allows for healing of past sadness to begin, and for bridges between family and friends, and most importantly the relationship between a woman and her partner, to be rebuilt.

I use the words 'I am.......More Than Fertility' because, I believe that a woman can be so much more than her fertility, that she can still walk through life in a positive way, interacting with loved ones and having meaningful relationships, whilst still wanting and taking steps, to have a baby.

I also believe that a woman can lead a happy and joyful life even if the decision is made to go forwards without having a baby naturally, or not at all.

If you answer YES to one or all of the following questions, I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you and share my unique approach to being More Than Fertility

Are you have you been trying to conceive for sometime now or just a few short months?

Are you feeling isolated and alone, whilst everyone around you seems to be falling pregnant with ease!?

Do you feel like no one else understands you anymore and that you have no one to talk to, or at least no one that truly gets it!?

Maybe the reasons for it are understood, or completely unexplained…? 

It could be that you are embarking on or currently undergoing assisted fertility treatment?

Would you like to;

Wake up in the morning feeling POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC about the day ahead?

Reconnect with yourself and increase your SELF CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your body?

Let go of the negative experiences of the past that may be holding you back; RELEASE them and MOVE FORWARDS ?

RECONNECT with your partner and REIGNITE the passion in your lives together?

Say YES to social invitations, and make plans for the FUTURE with your partner and friends and/or family?

But most importantly say YES to moving FORWARDS positively in a way that feels exciting to you, and EMBRACING what the future brings, come what may.

If this is something that intrigues you, why not email me here to book a FREE call with me 

Steph x

Our sessions together helped me to bring the focus back to me as a person and not just focus on trying for a baby.

We had been trying to conceive for 3 and half years when I first met Steph. Our sessions together helped...
We had been trying to conceive for 3 and half years when I first met Steph. Our sessions together helped me to bring the focus back to me as a person and not just focus on trying for a baby. The hypnotherapy sessions really helped me to think about other areas of my life and the emotional ties that may be holding us back from conceiving. Through the sessions with Steph I really feel like I have been able to let go and release a lot of my negative thoughts and experiences and have started on a journey of self discovery which has really helped me and brought more balance to my life. I feel very positive and relaxed about the situation and know that I am taking the right steps for us on our fertility journey. Steph is so easy to talk too and explains everything that will happen in the session, making you feel relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend Steph to anybody struggling with infertility as it is a very tough and emotional to deal with. There is a definite connection between mind and body and I really feel that she has helped me to balance my mind and I feel I am in a much better emotional state for my body to be able to conceive.

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