I am…..More Than Mum!

To ALL you Mum’s out there I want you to know this!

You are amazing! Because regardless of which stage you are at on the 'mothering journey', it is the hardest job in the world…..BAR NONE!

Many of us feel overwhelmed by motherhood at various times in our lives, and can sometimes feel like we are swimming against the tide, just about treading water, or like our feet are stuck in treacle and it is all we can do to just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

We can’t remember the person/friend/partner/wife we were before!

We may have lost our purpose as ‘their Mum’, as it has been redefined without asking us first (how dare they grow up in the blink of an eye!) and we are feeling out of alignment!

I want you to know that we ALL have these feelings! We ALL have days where we wonder why we did this! We all have days where we just want a ‘Day Off!’

But of course, most of us generally keep these thoughts to ourselves as no one would dare admit they are struggling, that they may resent their choices or even dare I say it, daydream about the days before………HERE COMES THE GUILT IN BUCKET-LOADS!

We look to outside circles to compare, and it looks like every other Mum in the playground, at work, at social gatherings, even the supermarket! have totally got this sorted!
Why can’t I do this!!!??
Well I am here to tell you that you are ALLOWED to feel this way and that you are not ALONE.

YOU ARE MORE than just Mum! And THAT it is OK!

It is OK to want to;

Rediscover the woman you were before and bring forward with you all the amazing qualities and strengths you have learnt because of being a Mum.

Recapture your zest for life! Find a way to be the best version of yourself AS WELL as being the Mum you want to be!

Release yourself from past trauma that is holding you back and limiting you, to increase your confidence and self-esteem and make positive steps in the direction of your choice.

Reignite your relationship with yourself to ensure you are always striving for healthy and fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.

Realise your truest potential, allowing that inner light to shine and take that brave, confident step into a new direction.

One of my most favourite metaphors, repeated to me regularly a couple of years ago by one of my most favourite people, is that you HAVE to apply your oxygen mask first before applying your children’s otherwise you won’t be able to assist them fully! And never has a more truer word been spoken!

As Mum’s we are expected to be everything and anything as well as evolving at the click of a finger.
We are expected to cheer from the side-lines, but know when to step back and not be ‘too clingy’ when required!
We love hard, openly and willingly, in bucket loads! But we don’t do the same for ourselves! Until NOW!

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to BEGIN the process of (re)discovery. Recapturing all you are and all you can be! 

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I look forward to hearing from you soon