Me Time

ME Time 

Sometimes we need to take ourselves away from the daily stresses of home life, work life; just life in general, to take some time for ourselves, to give ourselves permission to stop, breath and reflect on whatever is going on in our minds.

Time just for us to think, undisturbed, to make sense of a situation or just to simply ‘be’.

‘Me Time’ at The Nesting Place is the perfect opportunity to do just that, and not only do you get the choice of either a 30min candle lit, Back, Neck & Shoulder massage, Legs and feet massage, or arms, hands and Scalp massage, or maybe you would like a 20min Reiki healing for £30.

After your massage you get to stay in the treatment room, undisturbed, with a hot drink or non-alcoholic cocktail and a slice of cake for a further 30minutes!  space for you to do nothing, read a book, or just lay in silence. No one needing anything from you. Once the music stops you just get yourself ready and leave the room…sound ike what you need right now?

The Nesting place is in a beautiful setting, so after your ‘Me Time’ session, maybe you can use this opportunity to go for a walk down to the local stream and sit on the bank for a while.

To book just email ‘ME’ to with your ideal date and time. (Vouchers also available)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Founder of Take Some Time