Parent and Child Counselling

Hi, I’m Nathalie.

A mother of three, wife, daughter and friend with a huge appetite to care.

I’m a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor with a passion for helping others get over those extra hills and away from the curve balls that life often throws in the form of stress, fears, anxiety and mental health areas – whatever the cause!

With a background in the NHS and working as a school counsellor, I take a special interest in working with children, teenagers and parents. My sessions work in helping us all to understand what goes on in their minds and as parents answering common questions such as;

‘Are we doing the right thing?’ 


‘What are they thinking?’

And all whilst also looking after our own emotional well-being.

We look after our physical well-being but do we look after our brains enough?

I am delighted to host a series of workshops, listed below, here at TNP, 

'What to look out for with Teenage/adolescent pressures' - 10th May 2018 7-8:30pm

This session is aimed for parents/carers of 11-19 year olds. 

We will discuss key signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, fears, self esteem, eating disorders, self harm etc and what we as parents need to look out for, and learn how to deal with.

Exam stress, peer pressure, social media, which can individually, or combined, contribute to our children’s lives and their mental wellbeing and let’s face it, we can’t hide from it so we need to face it and tackle it.....

I’ll share some basic coping mechanisms and also offer some counselling tips and techniques in helping parents deal with these unbalanced periods, that can occur in life, for their children.

So if you are interested in joining me for chat with tea and cake for a relaxed but informative session, here at The Nesting Place, email

Thanks Nat x

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