The Fertility Project

The Fertility Project is a beautiful collaboration brought to you by Gemma and Steph, good friends as well as specialists in the areas of women's health and well being, and more specifically all things fertility related!

After working with clients together in the past, they quickly came to realise that the work they were doing collaboratively, was hugely beneficial to their clients, as all her needs were being met in both the mind and the body.

So, after putting their heads together, The Fertility Project was created!

A three-month programme designed to support each woman in a bespoke, unique way, combining all the tools and techniques from both Steph and Gemma’s full to the brim toolboxes! Quite the powerful duo!!

TFP is a unique opportunity for each woman to begin the journey of not only understanding her mind better but her body too, bringing both into complete alignment, something that cannot be underestimated, in fact something that is profoundly powerful!

Over three months each woman will spend time with both Gemma and Steph*, tapping into all areas of their wellbeing and opening their eyes up to a different way to move forwards in their lives, as well as (re)discovering and recapturing the parts that have been lost for a very long time, due to the struggles to conceive.

Are you ready too;

  • Wake up in the morning feeling positive and optimistic about the day ahead?
  • Reconnect with yourself both Mind and Body! Increase your self-confidence and trust in your body, by understanding what your body is telling you?
  • Find ways to embrace your periods and change your mind-set around them, create a deeper connection with your body so you work with it and not against?
  • Explore alternative solutions to help your body flourish in gentle ways, that will suit you and your lifestyle so much better and in turn optimise your fertility?
  • Become an expert in your own self-care, ensuring that your mind and body are always the priority!?
  • Let go of the negative experiences of the past that may be holding you back; release them and move forwards?
  • Reconnect with your partner and reignite the passion in your lives together?
  • Say YES to social invitations, and make plans for the future with your partner and friends and/or family?
  • But most importantly say YES to moving forwards positively in a way that feels exciting to you, and embracing what the future brings, come what may?

Why not take a listen to both Gemma and Steph talking about TFP here;

You can contact either Gemma or Steph today for an informal chat and to find out more about this amazingly unique opportunity to reconnect mind and body, once and for all!