When did trying to conceive become my hobby!?

‘Oh no, I didn’t get away from work on time tonight which means I am going to miss yoga this week!!!’

‘I can’t go out with the girls this weekend for drinks, as they don’t know we are trying to conceive! If they see me drinking coke instead of prosecco, then they will want to know why I am not drinking, and I am not ready to share our struggles with them yet!’

I am seriously craving a chocolate bar, but I know I can’t have one…..which means I want one more!’

Not sure I can commit to that hen do, as I may be pregnant by then……..’

Does any of the above resonate with you at all?

Have you been putting your life on hold because of trying to conceive?

Maybe you are reluctant to make plans or commit to upcoming events, only to find you could have gone and then feel upset and resentful that you are now missing out on special times with special people?

To ensure you are as healthy as you can possibly be, do you have a hard fast, routine that you must stick too, which includes some or ALL of the following……….yoga, acupuncture, removing sugar/alcohol/carbs/caffeine from your diet, drinking special herbal teas, reflexology, mindfulness……….(insert here?

Exercises and classes that are intended to relax and de-stress you (after all if I ‘JUST RELAXED it will happen’), have become the antidote to this state of mind and actually contribute further to stress levels if a session is missed due to working late, feeling down, not wanting to get out of bed and be a grown up today!

Can you even remember a time when you came home, kicked off your shoes, put on your PJs, run a bath and soaked whilst reading your book, poured yourself a glass of wine and just relaxed after a day at work……..maybe you watched car crash TV to unwind or something easy to watch, ate what you wanted in front of the TV, chatted to your partner and the words ‘pregnancy’ ‘baby’ ‘period’ ‘ovulation’ didn’t even cross your minds……….and maybe has sex….just because you was in the mood or didn’t because you wasn’t…..no pressure either way!?

And then there are the carefree days out with family and/or friends, when having a pub lunch didn’t worry you. The panic of ‘will there be any sugar/gluten free options on the menu’ running through your mind and if not how will I explain why I am barely eating anything let alone why I am not drinking!

Getting pregnant has become your 24 hour a day, 7 days a week hobby (some brave people may say an obsession) ….it is has become your everything! You are living and breathing this all-encompassing reality that has become your present and future and nothing will come above it, until you have that baby in your arms. This is your new normal, and in fact you can’t even remember a time before this was your every waking thought!

But, if I was to say that there was a way back to the person you was before………….

That person that enjoyed life, and said YES to weekends away in the blink of an eye!

Indulged in a glass of …….. (insert your tipple!) whenever she felt like it, because she wanted it!

Enjoyed going out to eat with friends and/or family and eating whatever she liked, WHEN she liked
And MOST importantly, that woman who LOVED life, had a great relationship with her partner and sizzling sex to match!

Would you be interested to learn how………?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and know you deserve better!
Have a conscious DESIRE to feel better inside and out whilst optimising your fertile state?

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You have NOTHING to Lose and EVERYTHING to gain

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