We wanted a baby, but instead we lost ourselves in the process!

For the last seven years, all the work I have done in both my working and personal life to date has one way or another involved the changing of mindset! In fact, the word ‘Mindset’ itself, is one I use daily. I have been on a path of self-discovery for many years, and see it as ongoing maintenance for my own sense of well being and I am in a place in my life where I can honestly and happily say I truly understand myself and feel happy day to day with who I am and how I think! However, that has most definitely NOT always been the case, and for a dark period, I was extremely lost and caught in negative, hurtful ways of thinking and at the time didn’t think it would ever be possible to feel any other way! That was until I began my journey into the world of conception and birth!

Being a Doula and Hypnobirthing teacher opened my eyes to the power of a woman’s state of mind, and more importantly what she could create when she focused her mind in a positive way, and it was down to the amazing experiences I was privileged to be part of during those six years that I decided to focus my attention on the world of conception, Could the tools I had learnt, and seen work so powerfully, be accessed by a woman (and her partner) to support them as they embarked on the journey to parenthood? To which I was delighted to discovered was a big fat Yes!!! I completed my training in 2016 and begun my work shortly after.

Now, there are various reasons why conception may not be plain sailing, and each client I spent time with had a different reason; for some it was unexplained, so no medical reason why and for others IVF was the only pathway for them due to individual circumstances, however with each client I saw, there was one similarity that I noticed with them all. And that was that they had completely lost themselves! They couldn’t remember who they were before having a baby became their every waking thought! Their relationships were suffering with their partners, siblings, friends (who knew not to share theirs or any pregnancy news with them), in fact anyone around them! And it had got to the point for some where they couldn’t be around anyone who was pregnant or just had a baby, one woman would actively cross the road if a pregnant lady was coming in her direction.

The knock-on effect in their relationship was profound, sex was lacking in intimacy and love and had become mechanical…. a means to an end! Frustration would reach boiling point and arguments would erupt over trivial matters, causing so much stress to all concerned (and we know stress is a contributor to infertility, right?!). The future looked bleak! Relationships brought to the brink by the intention of creating life together……. this was not how they thought it was going to be.

Do you recognise yourself or someone you know in these scenarios at all?

Well, the good news is that there are tools and techniques that are available to support you as you work your way through this journey. Ways in which to find your way back to the person you were before your life was given an overhaul by fertility struggles.
None of these tools or techniques guarantee a baby of course, nothing can, but it can help lift the fog whilst you rediscover yourself, and in turn reducing stress and anxiety throughout your body and optimising your fertile state.

If you feel this would be of benefit to you, and would like to know more, why not book a FREE 30-minute discovery session with me here.
I look forward to hearing from you soon

Steph x
Supporting you every step of the way 

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