Your waters have gone…..quick get to the hospital!!!

Today I have been giving much thought to school work experience, and how valuable it is to us in our adult lives! So naturally I post on my Facebook profile to gain other opinions, because I am so undecided as to whether my youngest should actually do it! You see I have three sons, two of which have completed work experience in year 10 and each one took something different from it, one extremely positive and the other not so much! He was treated very badly by a company that should have known better and took advantage of him, seeing him as free labour! He was promptly removed (by me) and the matter was dealt with. However, it has left a very bad taste in my mouth and lead me to question the purpose of these experiences in our youngster’s lives, are they necessary and purposeful and should I as his parent, protect him from that! Because my instinct is screaming YES!

It then occurred to me that when I am teaching Hypnobirthing, one of the very first things we discuss is our life experiences of birth…. how we were born, the impact that media has played in our lives and our perceptions of birth, we have all seen the scenario played out on well known TV shows, waters have gone, then follows a mad frantic dash to the hospital in case the baby comes out!. Many of us will report growing up being told how our births played out, I was very fortunate as my birth was at home, in the 1970’s which was very rare, and was told of this positive experience many times by my Mum when I was growing up, so when it became time for me to birth my own baby’s, I was very positive about it! However, that is not always the case, and in some cases that experience was not so positive, and will have been retold in a negative way many times over.

So how does this influence us? Imagine that your (subconscious) mind is like your PC desktop and you have a folder entitled ‘Life Experiences’, within that are lots of small sub folders entitled ‘Relationships ‘Work’ ‘Family’ ‘Birth’ and so on…. each experience we have (positive or negative) will be filed in their relevant sub folders for future reference. When we make decision in our lifetime, we will always consult with the relevant sub folder before (whether we realise or not!) and whatever we have filed will be instrumental in the decision we make! An example could be someone that appears to be a commitment phobe, runs away from relationships that appear to be going well, and this is almost definitely because they had their heart broken in the past, and their voice inside (sub conscious mind) is trying to protect them from further hurt, so telling them to get out!

So, you can see by that how our life experiences play a huge part in our adult life! But the great news is, that we can change anything that we have placed in one of our sub folders at any time if we have a conscious desire!
One of the ways Hypnobirthing works is by undoing the birth images and experiences we have had throughout our lifetime, whilst we teach the sub conscious new lessons and new experiences of birth, so any fear (known or unknown) can be released. All of our life experiences make us who we are, however if we are unhappy with any of them and want to move forwards, change is always possible.

I have taught many couples in Essex since I began teaching Hypnobirthing 6 years ago, and I have witnessed amazing transformations. Women (and their partners) with deep rooted fears and worries being able to move forwards with confidence and excitement as well as feeling educated and informed, about the upcoming birth of their baby.
If you want to know more about Hypnobirthing and how it works, why not come along to our FREE taster session at The Nesting Place on the 7th March @ 7pm. Just email for a booking form.

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