Well Women Surgery

Well Woman Surgery

Who am I?

Hi I’m Gem the owner and creator of The Well Woman Project.

I am a period geek and I’m bloody proud of that, it’s the 5th vital sign of health and us ladies are the only ones privy to it. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that is, because a fair amount of us would rather chew off our own right arm than have to have another period.

Cue why The Well Woman Project got started in the first place, because given the option of a hysterectomy and being on hormones for the rest of my cycling years just wasn’t an option for me. There had to be another way.

I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fibroids and ovarian cysts – I like to be thorough – and I did not follow the medical route to find a place of balance and wellbeing with my conditions.

I chose a mix of lifestyle changes, diet and exercise over haul, detoxing my home environment, changing my sanitary products, using herbal medicine and abdominal massage. Together this all brought about massive changes to my health and resulted in some pretty boring periods let me tell you.

My mission is to educate women about the super powers they actually have by understanding their cycles. In doing so we can get to the root cause of what is actually going on. I use all the amazing tools I used to help myself, and see profound change in the women I work with.

I can’t wait to see you at the surgery!

What I do

I have a long list of accreditation’s in many facets of bodywork from massage to reflexology. I have trained in myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, abdominal massage and I bring all these years of skills together to give you one very tailored and bespoke treatment.

What this means is that I can work completely intuitively tapping into what your body is telling me it needs, finding the pain points quickly to help release them and get you back into alignment.

Along with the body work I am also a herbalist, I brew up potions that will help the body heal from the inside, I make these bespoke during my consultations and also have a selection online in my shop. I bring a fully holistic approach to health so that you can be the best version of you.

What I’ll be offering here at TNP

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to open up a monthly surgery at The Nesting Place. I will be running the surgery from 10am-5pm and is an exciting chance to work with me 1:1.

There will also be a monthly pop up each month discussing a different topic related to our hormone health the first one being about the perimenopause.

To find out more information and to book an appointment with Gemma, please email gemma@thewellwomanproject.com

Places are limited so do book early so you don’t miss out!

Great healing is brought about when we find the connection between our bodies and minds. My work is to help you find your connection and help you help yourself at finding your own well woman.

Gemma xx