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Bliss Mindfulness

Here at The Nesting Place Bliss Mindfulness offers a range of workshops, monthly mindfulness, meditation and relaxation classes

My name is Vicki and I’ve been practicing Mindfulness for many years benefiting myself from my own mindful experiences. This has enabled me to help so many clients create a mindful life for themselves through my classes, workshops and coaching 121.

Mindfulness has many benefits for this busy modern world we live in. It takes awareness to slow down and recognise our thoughts, actions and behaviours and how stress can play a huge part in how we think, feel and act. We allow some stillness in each class to bring a deep sense of knowing back to ourselves and how this stillness can unravel the stress we get caught up in.

It’s my mission to bring Mindfulness to as many people as I can, to help ease stress, depression, anxiety and post-natal depression.

In my classes you have a safe place to explore your mind, bring you tools and techniques to manage symptoms and leave you feeling more relaxed and hopefully these experiences last to cope with any challenges we find in life.

To book or find out more information visit my website on the contact page or visit my Facebook page for all the latest events and information.