Mum’s Take Some Time at The Nesting Place

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As a mum you shouldn’t feel guilty or even made to feel guilty about wanting a bit of ‘ME’ time……why? Because you’re human!

It is important, vital even, to reconnect with yourself once in a while and by doing so, by giving yourself an opportunity just for a short time to relax, to breath, to think ‘I really needed to do this for ME’ will have such a positive impact on your well-being of which will benefit others around you!

Sound good?

Well add on the feeling of helping other mums to do the same and you’ll feel amazing!

Sign ME up?
This is how it works…..

Gather up to a group of 6 mums that you know well, please get in touch if you have a larger group and I will see what I can do.
The larger room ‘The Burrow’ will be set up with multi-sensory equipment to keep the babies (under one’s) entertained whist you take it in turns to look after one another’s babies so you can come into the next room ‘The Den’.
After selecting your preferred oil you will choose either;

  • 30 min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • 20 min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones) and a 10 min scalp massage
  • 30 min legs & feet massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • 20 min Reiki healing & 10 min scalp massage


After your treatment you simply go back to The Burrow and ask the next mum to come to The Den
for her turn and so on…. sound good?

The amazing low cost investment, for all of this is £40 pp*, with full payment required at the time of booking.

And you get all of this included in this brilliant price:

  • The private hire of The Nesting Place
  • 30 min Massage or Reiki treatment
  • Use of the equipment to keep the babies entertained
  • Hot & cold drinks
  • French stick, salad, veg, dips, crisps, & cake

Could this be a more perfect opportunity!

To book simply email me using the link to the right and I shall send you the booking form!