Parent Preparation:

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Week 1:

  • Introductions, expectations of the sessions and ice breaker
  • Getting to know baby: Bonding with baby in utero.
  • Birth plan: Expectations and realities.
  • Hospital bag: What to pack!
  • Antenatal visit: When to expect this. Further mandatory checks by the
    Health Visiting team.

Week 2:

  • Getting to know baby: Reading cues, recognising different cries,
  • Changing nappies and their contents.
  • Bathing baby: Frequency and preparation. Handling baby: How babies
    like to be held/ skin to skin contact. Coping with visitors.
  • Colic and reflux: What are they and how to relieve symptoms? Baby

Week 3:

  • Hormonal changes: low mood, coping with sleep deprivation.
    Relationship dynamics.
  • Feeding baby: Breastfeeding/bottle feeding (how to get partner
    involved) Frequency of feeds and babies physiology.

Week 4:

  • Sleep: Safe sleep. Stages of sleep
  • Growth and development:
  • Growth spurts and milestones
  • Immunisations
  • Common Childhood illnesses

Week 5:

  • Out and about: Parking, feeding and baby changing facilities.
  • Activities and support: What’s on where and when i.e. feeding support,
    sling library, baby sensory groups etc.
  • Helpful Apps.
  • Where to look for courses (first aid, etc.) 
  • Return to work: Childcare