Do you cringe at the thought of the clock changes?? Used to LOVE the idea of an extra hour in bed Pre kids but as they don’t seem to get the memo now the thought fills you with dread?!

I asked a few of our fabulous practitioners for some tips and tricks on coping with the clock changes and this is what they said…

Zoe from @talkingtots has tried & tested this natural smoothie...

1 banana
1 capful of cherry juice
1 good spoonful of yogurt
Chocolate powder to taste
Milk – enough to make drinkable texture

Blitz up and drink 2 hrs before bed
The cherry juice – specify montmorency cherry juice – – increases sleep time and sleep efficiency. Research suggest this is because tart cherry juice increases the bioavailability of tryptophan and increases your body’s production of melatonin.
Longer and deeper sleep!

Wise words from Emily founder of @brightbuttonsbabysigning

We usually go with the flow. Just accept that things might not go totally to plan for a few days, but generally just let the kids readjust gradually. Sometimes we worry so much about things and they turn out fine if you just let it be. ❤️

Sarah founder of @jigsawdrama says...

Stick with your bedtime routine. Books can help make this time quiet and calming by snuggling down on the sofa or tucking up in bed to share a story together. If you’re little one isn’t keen on sitting together then try reading in the Bath – this can be a great time for very little babies too as they are propped up and can look at the book 📚❤️

Georgie founder of @dreamylittlesleepers has some great advice plus more info on her website:

My top tips would be to stick to your routine and offer extra rest time that day.

I have a blog post with tips/sleep options for different ages and personalities on my website, check it out x