When did you become 'Not enough'!?

As a Woman and a Mum, where did ‘I am not enough’ come from?

When did it become the normal for you to look at your everyday actions, decisions you have made, the way you have parented and conclude that ‘I am not enough’?

When did looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling ‘not enough’ first start?

Lets’ look at this through the eyes of your children, shall we?

You lovingly nurtured and carried your baby safely inside until it was time for them to be born into the world.

You cared for their every need, day and night, sometimes existing on just a few snatched hours of sleep, as they were maybe teething, unwell or just unsettled.

You sang to them, played with them, held them in your arms and comforted them when they were crying, maybe they had fallen and hurt themselves, were in pain, or just very very tired (but fought sleep every step of the way!)

You made sure their tummies were always full, be it with milk or grown up food, always doing your very best whether it was chicken nuggets and smiley faces, or a meal cooked from scratch.

You would take them to fun and exciting places, visits to the park or the zoo, or family days out in search of the Gruffalo.

You cheered when they used the big toilet for the first time, or lost that first tooth, special times that made your heart burst with pride as well as break a little, as they are such big milestones telling you that your baby was growing up way too fast.

You stood watching nativity plays with tears running down your face as you watch your sweet child dressed as a donkey, taking hundreds of photos and sharing them with anyone that wanted to see.

And most importantly, you love unconditionally, without limitations, forgiving every tantrum, every moment of embarrassment, every inappropriate question in the quietest of crowded rooms.

Your child never for one second doubts if you are enough, because of every foundation you have laid for them, the thought ‘is my Mum enough?’ would never even cross their mind.

When they look at you, they see you for all you are.

They see and feel the love oozing out of you

They know you will always have their backs, supporting, guiding and keeping them safe for as long as they live (whether they like it or not, and trust me some days they will be really angry at you for it)

It really is time.

Time to shut that internal voice off. The voice that tells you that you are not enough.

Whenever there is doubt that you are good enough…….woman/mum/wife/partner/friend, look into the eyes of your greatest achievements and that in itself will remind you that you are most definitely good enough