Our Weaning Workshops

We are dedicated to supporting parents through all areas of their family’s changing nutritional and food needs.

At Your Family Nutritionist, we aim to ensure that whether you are weaning your baby, or you are struggling with a fussy eater, that we can give you the tools and support to make these times fun, healthy and safe.

We want you to have one place to go. We want you to know that if you come to Your Family Nutritionist, that the advice you get is factual and evidence based and we want you to understand that you will be supported by us for as long as you need.

As a qualified and registered Nutritionist (see link to certificate?), you can forget about trawling the web, or getting well-meaning advice from people about how to feed your family, and know that you can find everything you need right here!

Food is emotive. Food is challenging. Food is essential. Food is health. Let us make your mealtimes all about eating well, sharing, laughter, fun and love.


 Our workshops

Our workshops provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to tackle every day feeding issues with your baby, toddler and family

Weaning workshops

There is so much to think about and worry over, so many questions and unknowns for a new parent to cope with – which is why our approach is unique!  We provide support at every stage of the weaning process, from when you’re thinking about weaning through to ongoing help when you begin introducing solid foods to your baby.

We’re here for you and your little one when you’re both ready to start exploring food and discover a whole world of new tastes and textures together.

We will discuss everything you need to know about weaning during your 2-hour workshop including the following topics.


Choking and gagging


Blw and puree feeding

Dropping milk feeds

First foods and when to offer

Example schedules

Which liquids to give my baby

How to prepare food for your baby

Which equipment might be useful (yes, a dog is great at clearing up the mess!)


Our weaning workshops are run at The Nesting Place each month!


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