C-Section Recovery By Yoga With Vicki

This workshop is specifically designed for those recovering from a c-section, whether it is a few weeks, months or even years ago. A caesarean section is major surgery, going through five layers in the abdomen. 

It is important to encourage healing in this area to avoid future complications. There can also be a wide range of emotions involved for a woman after a c-section, if this wasn’t the birth she planned. This workshop will aim to aid healing from a c-section, both physical and emotional. We will focus on moving and stretching into the five layers of the scar, increasing blood flow to the area, working into the associated muscles, reducing the risk of adhesions around the scar and learning massage techniques. 

Here are some testimonials from a previous participants:

“I just wanted to let you know how brilliant the c-section class was when I did it all those months
ago (think I was in the first group you did). Whilst I probably didn’t continue with many of the
exercises, I did the massage you showed us on the scar with bio oil almost every day since and it
looks so good now. Much fainter and starting to not look pink at all in places”

“Since doing the c section recovery course and learning the scar massage I have noticed some
real improvements in my c section scar. Psychologically I’ve come more to terms with the scar –

I couldn’t even look at it before and now I can even touch it. Physically it’s become a lot less tight
above the scar and also less numb. It’s also become less red. And it’s easy to do (I do it in the
shower each day ) even with a small baby”

The cost of this workshop will be *£15, payable in advance.